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5 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Instagram Right Now

Want to improve your Instagram but aren’t sure where to start?

Instagram can be so overwhelming. There are so many varying opinions on what works best to increase your following and build an online presence. Today I’m diving in to 5 tips that you can implement RIGHT NOW to improve your Instagram. Nothing complicated, just fast and practical ways to make your Instagram:

  • Easy for your target customer to understand
  • Approachable
  • Interesting
  • SEO friendly

1. Improve your Instagram by using keywords in your profile

The words used in your Instagram profile name are one of the ways people can find you by searching different keywords on Instagram. If you aren’t familiar with what a keyword is, checkout this article on keywords.

You’ll only want to optimize the “Name” portion of your profile for Instagram search. I attached a screenshot of an example below. You can see that I have my business name that people may be searching for, followed by the word “Gifts”. If I had more space I would put “Personalized Gifts” or other keywords that my customer might be searching on Instagram.

Keep in mind that using other keyboard fonts or emojis could hurt your profile in searches because Instagram’s algorithm does not recognize them as letters or words. Some people choose to type in different fonts for aesthetic purposes but don’t miss out on the SEO opportunity just for looks!

2. Include a “call to action” in your Instagram bio

A call to action in your Instagram bio asks your followers to do something. A few ideas for a call to action that you can include in your profile are below.

  • Get 10% Off Your First Order ⬇️
  • Use #YourBrandHashtag for a chance to be featured
  • Get Your Free ____ ⬇️
  • Join Our Community ⬇️
  • Email For Custom Orders 💌
  • New Collection is Live NOW 🥳 Shop on our website now!

Below are real examples of profiles that each include unique calls to action!

3. Post an Instagram story

Do you post Instagram stories? If not, you may be missing out. Instagram stories provide an opportunity for your followers to have “live looks” into your life or business and get to know the person behind the screen.

Stories allow you to post multiple times a day without having to create a lengthy caption or curate a photo to match the rest of your feed. They can also be interactive, encouraging your followers to engage with your account!

Yes, like many things in business they are intimidating, but with a plan and some practice you will have it down in no time.

Try to post an Instagram story once a day. It could be a fun quote, a behind the scenes photo, a new product, or a quick video showing what you’re up to behind the scenes of your account. You can ask questions or post polls to learn more about your followers. Take the leap and post a story today, and try to post every 24 hours so each time a follower visits your profile you always have something new for them to see and engage with.

4. Update your profile photo

When it comes to choosing the right profile picture for your Instagram account, it’s important to consider the following:

  • Are your posts and stories written from your personal perspective using personal pronouns and some photos/videos of yourself?
  • What type of business/account do you have?
  • Is it important that your profile picture shows your business logo?

I ask these questions because when it comes to profile pictures on Instagram you really have two options as a business. You can choose to use your logo, or a professional photo of yourself, the owner.

For most small businesses, influencers, podcasters, writers, and entrepreneurs, I recommend using a professional photo of yourself. Why? Because it makes your account more approachable and easier for followers to connect with you and your business.

Make sure you are the main subject of the photo you use for your profile, and that the look of the photo matches your brand and your Instagram profile. A smiling face invites people to follow both you and your brand. Social media is supposed to be “social” after all, and many people are looking to connect with others.

There are some industries or types of small businesses where it may be more beneficial to use your logo as your profile picture. Examples could include restaurants where seeing the logo helps customers recognize the brand while driving around town and on social media, or graphic designers who perhaps create logos and want to show off their style.

Below are some examples of headshots that work as great Instagram profile photos!

5. Spend time engaging with other Instagram accounts

Like I mentioned earlier, Instagram is a social platform. Engaging with people who you follow can lead to them engaging with your posts in return. Plus, the Instagram algorithm loves seeing your account engage with other accounts through likes, comments, DMs, and stories. It can increase the amount of people that your posts and stories are shown to.

The trick with this tip is that it is a long run game. A good strategy is to dedicate a certain amount of time daily to watching and engaging with other account stories, commenting on posts, and building relationships with your followers and accounts you follow. Anywhere for 10-30 minutes can make a difference. For example, many business and influencer accounts will return the favor of you commenting on their post, especially if you do it consistently. You can even make a short list of accounts you want to build a relationship with and turn on post notifications for their account so you can comment on their posts and interact with them regularly.

Looking for more social media tips?

I hope these tips help you improve your Instagram account! Get more social media tips on the Taylor Walden Blog.

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