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Struggling with how to name your creative business?

how to name creative business

You have a great creative business idea, but you're struggling to name your creative business. First, congratulations! It's exciting to start a creative business. They often express your favorite passions and ideas, and they can turn into a career if you do it right. 

In this blog post I'll be discussing how to name your creative business, what to consider in a business name, and a few activities you can do to get the juices flowing.

Why re-name your creative business?

how to name creative business

I've been there too. If you're like me, your creative business started out with a "business name" like "Taylor's Creations" or "Megan's Designs". It's hard to keep a name like that when you start growing your business and trying to build a professional reputation.

My business's name was "TDHDesign" initially. Literally my initials followed by the word "design". I didn't put much thought into naming my creative business at first if you can't already tell. But that's okay, because you know what? Most creative businesses start out as a side hustle. They start out as a way to bring in extra cash. Or it's an outlet for your creativity. You aren't exactly thinking about what it would look like to grow your business or turn it into a full-time gig.

It's important to consider the name of your business If you want to grow your business beyond a side-hustle or a hobby. The name of your business should tell people what you sell while being creative and unique. A business name like "Designs by Sasha" doesn't tell people what you sell, and it's a really common name.

What to consider when naming your creative business.

how to name creative business

Here are a few quick questions to ask yourself when naming your creative business:

  • Does the business name tell people what services or products I offer? Does it describe my business?
    • Your name may not hit both of these marks, and that's okay. Try to make sure your business name (or at least the tagline/slogan) for your business tells people what you do.
  • Is this business name already in use?
    • If you find a name you like, google it. What shows up? Are there any other businesses that have the same name? Think about what website URL you would use with this business name. Is it taken?
    • Next, search the business name in the USPTO Trademark Search. Does anyone have the business name trademarked? If not, that's good! You want to make sure you can get it trademarked down the road if you want to.
    • Search the name on social media platforms. This is another way to see if any businesses are already using that name!
  • Is the business name memorable?
    • Make sure the name has a "ring" to it. Ask family and friends for their opinion!
  • Is the name easy to spell?
    • Consider how easy it will be for people to search for your business online. Will they spell it correctly?

Creative business name brainstorming activities.

how to name creative business

Try some of these activities (or a combination of them) to start brainstorming name ideas for your business.

Who's your target?

Who's your target customer? Think about your business, the products and services it offers, and your values/style. Who is the ideal person who would love to buy from you? Think beyond someone who just happen to stumble across your business and buy from it. We're talking about someone who would be a RAVING fan. Someone who would never stop talking about your business and how much it resonated with them.

This person might not exist yet, but that's okay. Imagine what they would be like. Ask yourself these questions, and write about this person. Be as descriptive as possible. Give them a name if you want to!

  • Why do they choose to shop with you over other businesses?
  • What's important to them?
  • Where do they hang out?
  • How much money do they make? Where do they work?
  • What other businesses do they shop at?
  • What's their lifestyle like?
  • Are they married? Do they have kids? Pets?
  • What words would you use to describe this person?

After you finish writing, look back over what you came up with. What words are repeating? Are there themes you see over and over again? What did you learn about yourself, your business, and your target customer?

With that information in mind, start brainstorming some name ideas. 

Mix and Match

  1. Create an excel sheet with 3 columns. One column for adjectives and one column for nouns, then a third column titled "Name Ideas"
  2. Type in different adjectives related to your business, products, or services in the adjectives column.
  3. Type in different nouns related to your business, products, or services in the nouns column.
  4. Mix and match! Play with using two adjectives, pairing an adjective and a noun, etc. Type any idea that comes to mind in the "Name Ideas" column. Keep going until you have a list of at least 10!
  5. Look through your list when you're finished and pick your favorites. Match those names against the criteria/questions I listed earlier in the "What to consider when naming your creative business" section.

Looking for more small business tips and resources?

I release new blog posts and content at taylorwalden.com designed for entrepreneurs like yourself!

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