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how to plan social media content

How to organize and plan social media content for your business

Social media can be SO overwhelming. If you're like me, you have sat in front of your computer or phone thinking "where do I even begin?".

In this blog post, I'll share with you my best tips for organizing and planning your business's social media content. It doesn't have to be hard or time-consuming. I have found a few tips and resources that made social media planning in my business less intimidating, but still just as effective!

organize social media content

Why organize content for social media?

Planning social media content in advance saves you time, is more consistent, and is far less stressful than posting on a whim. Having to draft  individual captions in-the-moment puts a lot of pressure on you. And it's much more time-consuming than creating a bunch of posts at once and scheduling them out in advance.

Creating your content in advance allows for better planning and quicker execution. You're saving time and headache by sitting down and planning out your social media content for the week all at once. Then, you have more time throughout the rest of the work-week to work on other things in your business.

organize social media content

Picking the right social media scheduling app

Using a scheduling app will help you to organize your social media content and plan it out in advance. There are a few I have tried, but my current favorite is Loomly. Here are a few reasons why I love using Loomly.

  • I can organize and schedule content from my computer instead of my phone
  • I can post on a wide variety of platforms, including Facebook groups, from one application
  • The analytics are presented in a "one-pager" style, so it's easy to see how my content is performing
  • The Loomly platform is user-friendly. It's easy to post, duplicate posts, and see what content I have already scheduled out
  • Loomly provides social media content ideas (depending on your subscription level)
  • You can manage multiple social media accounts on the same platform (like 2 Instagram accounts)
  • You can manage social media comments and responses from multiple platforms in once place

I have also used Plann and Hootsuite in the past, but Loomly has been my favorite so far. I do have a paid subscription, but for my business it is worth it.

organize social media content

If you don't want to use a scheduling app for social media, or can't afford a paid version

There are a lot of free social media scheduling options out there! Many social media scheduling apps offer free subscriptions, or you can create your own content calendar using Google Docs or Google Sheets.

organize social media content

How to organize your social media content

You can organize your social media content using an app or a DIY social media calendar. Start by creating a list of platforms you plan to post on. For example, you may plan to consistently post on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Then, decide how frequently you plan to post on each platform.

Within the app or calendar, begin scheduling content for each platform at the frequency you choose. Be as detailed with each post as possible. Include captions, hashtags, photos, and any other required content so when it's time to post you have everything you need.

Having all of your posts planned out for each platform in advance will allow you to better-organize your content and save time when coming up with posts!

Looking for more small business tips and resources?

I release new blog posts and content at taylorwalden.com designed for entrepreneurs like yourself!

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