February 12, 2021 3 min read

seo blog post

Why blog posts?

I constantly hear people say "no one ever reads blog posts, why bother writing them?". When in reality, failing to write blog posts for your website is a huge missed opportunity.

No one may ever read your blog posts. That's true. But your blog posts serve a greater purpose than just being read by humans. Writing blog posts that use keywords related to your industry can improve your search rankings. 

If you want to drive traffic to your website organically and for free, write SEO-oriented blog posts. Blog posts improve your website's SEO rankings.

seo blog post

How do blog posts improve SEO ranking?

Search engines like Google have crawlers that look through your website. They're looking at your images, words you use, page load speeds, and other data that determines how your website pages will appear in Google searches. 

Some say that Google is becoming more of a "question and answer engine" than a search engine. Think about it. When you type something into Google, you are often looking for an answer to a question or a solution to a need you have.

Take household repairs for example. When you need to replace your refrigerator's water filter, you might Google "how to replace refrigerator water filter". Google takes your search term and looks for web pages, videos, and images that use those same words often throughout the page, in the alternative text, in links, etc. The top search results are from websites that use those keywords well. The blog posts and pages on that website use keywords that improve their organic search rankings.

This same concept is applied to businesses like yours. Your customers are searching questions and terms that your business can provide the answer and solution for. Blog posts with keywords your customers are searching helps Google to show your website pages when people search those terms.

seo blog post

How to write blog posts to improve your SEO ranking

Implement an SEO blog post strategy into your business by writing blog posts with keywords based on what your customer might search for. A keyword is something a potential customer might type into the search box to find your product.

Start by brainstorming what keywords might be associated with your business's products or services. I will use Simple & Sentimental as an example. The S&S website primarily offers personalized gifts for special occasions. We'll write blog posts that target specific keywords related to gifts we sell, or things customers would search related to that gift. For example, we will write blog posts with keywords like "engagement gift box" or "what to put in a bridesmaid proposal box". 

After identifying keywords, write blog posts and incorporate 1-2 keywords per blog post. Back to our example, S&S might release a 1,000 word blog post titled "10 Best Engagement Gift Box Ideas", and list out 10 of our engagement gift boxes. Throughout the post, we'll use the keyword "engagement gift box" in titles, paragraphs, link alternative text, and photo alternative text. Once Google has crawled through the blog post, it will be more likely to show the post to people who search "engagement gift box".

It's important to keep in mind you can over-optimize a blog post. Google can tell if you're "stuffing" a page or blog post with keywords, so take it easy! Use the keyword a few times, but not too much.


I release new blog posts and content at taylorwalden.com designed for entrepreneurs like yourself!

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