How to Ship Online Orders Like a Pro

Are you struggling with how to ship online orders from your website, Etsy shop, or Amazon store?

Maybe you know how to ship online orders, but you don't know if you're using the right products, the right resources, or you aren't sure if you're doing it efficiently.

Online businesses like yours can actually profit from shipping. Crazy right? Even when your business offers "free" shipping, you can still turn a great profit and bring in extra dollars from shipping.

In this guide, I share practical tips and resources for saving time and money when fulfilling and shipping online orders.

What does this guide cover?

  • How to ship a package
  • Supplies you need to pack and ship online orders
  • The best vendors for shipping supplies
  • How to set up a shipping station
  • Photo example of a shipping station used to process 400+ orders per day
  • Efficiency in packing and shipping orders
  • How to offer "free" shipping

    First up in the guide, I'll share how to save time and money when fulfilling your online orders. First, I'll share how to pack and ship online orders step-by-step along with my favorite supplies and the best places to find good deals on shipping supplies that arrive fast. After we cover how to ship online orders, what supplies you need and where to get them, we'll talk about how to set up your shipping station for success. You'll get to see what one of Simple & Sentimental's shipping set-ups looks like as an example! Last but not least, I'll cover "free" shipping. Nothing is really free and you know that as the business owner, but that doesn't mean you have to eat the cost when you offer free shipping on your online store. I'll share how to offer free shipping without breaking the bank!

    What is included with my purchase?

    This listing includes a 13 page digital download in PDF format for personal use. You can view it digitally or print it! No physical items will be shipped to you. You can download it immediately after you purchase the listing.