How To Ship Online Orders Like a Pro

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How To Ship Online Orders

Does shipping orders feel intimidating?

I remember my first time packaging an order and taking it to my local post office. It took so long at the counter because I didn’t know how to ship something without the clerk’s help.

My online orders grew and more of my time was spent at the post office waiting in line, reading addresses aloud, and manually typing tracking numbers into emails for customers. Enough was enough. It was time for me to learn how to ship on my own.

And here we are 100,000 packages later. I’ve combined the best tips and tricks for business owners who are new to shipping. It’s time to get efficient with your shipping process and save money on supplies and your time!

What We’ll Cover

  • How to ship a package from start to finish
  • How to print shipping labels
  • Essential supplies and additional supplies that are “nice to have” (with links to products our business uses)
  • My favorite shipping supply vendors
  • How to set up your own shipping area
  • A photo of our shipping area along with an explanation of how it’s set up
  • Top tips for making your shipping workflow efficient
  • How to offer “Free shipping” on your website


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